Bruce Girdwood FPSNZ

Bruce is a long-standing member of the Photographic Society of New Zealand and currently Chairs the PSNZ’s Judge Accreditation Panel and leads the delivery of the PSNZ’s Judge training programme.  Bruce is also a member of the PSNZ’s Honours Board.  Bruce has been the convener of selectors for several PSNZ National and Regional exhibitions and has helped select other national exhibitions, including the North Shore Salon.

Bruce leads photographic tours, runs creative photography workshops and frequently presents photographic talks around New Zealand.

“As I progress through life I seek to give expression to what I find in my journey of self-­ discovery. Some people talk, some write, some paint, some sculpt, some photograph and others combine some or all of these to express their views, thoughts, feelings, experiences and discoveries as they journey. I try to achieve this through my photography. My photography is an intensely personal expression of who I am, and hope to be.”