David Tay, well-respected in the publishing and photography circles, was CEO of Singapore’s leading magazine publisher until his retirement in 2006.
In 1982, he became the first photographer to be awarded the Cultural Medallion which is Singapore’s coveted arts award. He was enrolled a Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) in 1987; and was awarded the Fenton Medal in 1999 for his outstanding contributions to RPS.
In 1983, he was conferred the Honorary Excellence Distinction by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) for his distinguished contributions to photography, and gained his Masters Distinction (MFIAP) in 2012.
David also participated actively in international salons, particularly in the Projected Images Division, in which, he was awarded The Photographic Society of America’s Galaxy 4 and 5 Stars respectively in Colour and Monochrome sections. He was among the Top Ten international exhibitors in PSA’s Who’s Who in 2014 when he was listed 5th in Color PID, 5th in Monochrome PID, and 4th in Travel Photography. For his salons achievements, he was awarded the EPSA distinction.
David was President of The Photographic Society of Singapore for 23 years (1990-2013), and became the first Asian ever to be elected as a Board Member of FIAP in 2008. He has been recently re-elected to the Board, and is concurrently the Director of FIAP’s Promotion and Partnership Service.
He is known for his photography of elderly people. He likes to use the streets as his “studio” in discovering and commenting upon their life through that “decisive moment”. In 2012, he published his own book “Coming of Age” together with an exhibition of the same title to showcase his distinctive style of photography. After its debut in Singapore, the exhibition has travelled to London, Paris, Buenos Aires, as well as several cities in China and in Malaysia.
David has also distinguished himself in community service. He was appointed Justice of the Peace (JP) by the President of Singapore in 1998, and was awarded the Public Service Star in 2006 for his contributions in helping the less fortunate in our society
“To age gracefully despite adversity is a wonderful gift” – David P C Tay